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Saturday, August 02, 2014

West Bottoms Rennaissance

A new West Bottoms wall, I finally had time on the ride home to document it.

Very colorful, with Feminine, Scribe, lots of A-List Kansas City writers.

I've heard, mythically, that writers respect other writers who are more accomplished. That even the most drug-addled gangsta wannabe tagger won't bomb a piece by, say, Scribe. Here's proof that this theory is wrong. When I came across a couple of established artists working one of the walls in this area, one said she'd been in touch with Scribe about touching up his billygoat. Evidently he came down to the alley but chose to put all his efforts into a new piece rather than salvage the old one.

But in any case, Scribe has added to this new wall, so I guess that was the priority as far as he was concerened.

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