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Monday, August 04, 2014

Mead Day

So after the Tomato Tasting, it was off to Mead Day at my friend Roger's house.

Lots of mead was being made, to be sure. Roger was mixing up the must for a five gallon batch, another fellow was doing a 3 gallon batch, and then, when people realized there was all this honey still left, Roger got out his behemoth 14 gallon fermenter and mixed up another batch.

Meanwhile sausages were grilled and there was a general food orgy with lots of meads and beers to try.

Eventually, guitars were brought out. And Roger's wife gave me a brief mushroom hunting primer and a bag of chanterelles which I cooked into Sunday's breakfast eggs. If you like mushrooms, chanterelles are about as good as it gets. Apparently, long the tree line of their yard, they have an abundance of them.

And of course I had fun with my camera. It seems natural, somehow, just part of hanging out with friends, I find myself stalking them with my camera.

That 35mm prime lens was an afterthought when I bought my Nikon, but it's almost always the lens I have on there. With the crop factor (I have a D7000, not full frame) it functions as a 'nifty fifty.' I think the pictures are pretty neato, but I'm not sure that reflects as much on my skills with the camera as my ability to attract photogenic friends.

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