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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Matilda, Guardian of the Chard

I was loading my bike on the car, getting ready to take Mo to school and myself to work the other morning and I was struck by how beautiful our front yard is. I have it on good authority that some people think it's bad form to grow vegetables in the front yard. But it's beautiful!

I've seen some 'gardens' that look like weed patches and I'm not talking about from neglect, I'm talking as-seen-on-Martha-Stewart-Living stuff. Not only ugly but inedible plants that are indefensibly bad landscaping unless the person who says they meant to do that happens to also be the chair of the homeowners assocation. At least asparagus, peppers, chard, basil, these have redeeming qualities beyond visual appeal, you can eat them.

While I was scoping the wonder of this out I spotted a garden spider. Revolting to me personally. I have a bit of arachnophobia that I believe traces back, mostly, to TV commercials for a B movie I was exposed to in my formative years.

I steeled my nerves and photographed her. I even named her, she is Matilda, guardian of the chard. She's huge, and while I couldn't possibly harvest this chard myself while she's nested there, I figure she probably eats a lot of bugs that might do harm to the crop.

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