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Saturday, March 08, 2014

Portrait of a Vanilla Gorilla

When I did the purple mohawk last summer when I was going to be off work for surgery, the first step was to bleach out the hair. I almost stopped and didn't to the purple, I liked the look of the bleached hair so much. So it'd been on my mind ever since to maybe just try doing the bleach, no purple and no mohawk, I just don't think that'd fly with my bosses.

I'm not as nuts about how it turned out this time. Maybe it seems too yellow, I don't know. It'll either grow on me or I'll let it grow out and buzz it off in a few weeks.

Recently I found some photo accessories online that were too cheap to pass up, an LED light with a diffuser, a set of reflectors that fold up to fit in my camera bag, and I wanted to play with them to see if I could get a decent portrait shot in my living room, something that has always seemed nearly impossible.

I'd say the LED array helped quite a bit. I experimented with different placements for it, realized that I really could use a couple of them. I wouldn't say the results I got are pro portrait stuff, but it was a good learning session. I prefer photographing other people, I'm pretty much never happy with my own self portraits—other photographers' pictures of me tend to seem more flattering for some reason.

I learned, for one thing, that those reflectors pose their own hazards: you can see the reflector in my glasses in some of the shots, instead of getting catchlights in my eyes I got a big foil disc in the corner of my specs.

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