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Friday, March 21, 2014

Choral Concert

I guess I'm one of those parents. I know as a demonstrable fact that getting good photos of my daughter on stage with her choir is a losing battle.

The lighting is harsh, with lots of glare. Not that there's all that much light to be had. Plus, you're a long, long ways from the subject. What makes it even worse, since Em is tall, they put her in the back row where the acoustic back board hangs over her and puts her in the shadows.

While clicking away (at least I have a better camera these days, I used to do this with a Canon Powershot, but a couple of years ago I upgraded to a Nikon D7000. Not a flagship camera, but in most situations if I'm not getting the shot it's due to my photography chops more than the limitations of the camera.

I had an idea for fixing the lighting during the concert. That overhang, you could mount lights on it that would shine down into the faces of the back rows of kiddos. That and maybe some footlights and it might look less like a place Osama Bin Laden would have tried to hide out.

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