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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lorde and Ruler

I've had an earworm lately, this Lorde song, Royals. Maybe you've heard it, unless you're living in Ted Kaczynski's old digs. I don't really get the song. Does she mean we'll never play on a substandard Major League Baseball team? That we'll never be related to some obnoxious British twits born into wealth and celebrity? Are these things one would aspire to?

She's plenty cute of course, and I guess if you have looks and a good hook, there's not really a requirement that you make sense, you can be a pop star. I heard an interview with her on Q with Jian Ghomeshi, and she seemed quite charming and very mature for her age, so maybe there's an angle to that lyric that I'm just not hip to, maybe she's brilliant.

But while I don't know what she means, necessarily by 'royals,' and I guess I don't much care, I decided I know exactly what she means by 'let me be your ruler.' That, and making a ruler of her was easier, graphically speaking, than making her a queen bee.

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