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Monday, February 03, 2014


Foster is easily my favorite dog these days. I loved Max, the old curmudgeon of a Dalmatian Corinna had when I met her. And Barley, the Dog Faced Boy, he was the best dog ever I think.

I have a harder time with Sheba. She has polydactyly, which should make her a slam dunk for me but between her simpering way and her habit of putting her disgusting dog nose on my hand by way of greeting, I just don't enjoy her that much. I felt bad when I thought I'd killed her with poison meant for mice, I enjoy seeing how my wife enjoys Sheba, but I really don't for the most part enjoy her. I'll plead guilty to not being a 'dog person' but I think it's her. I like seeing her run in an open field, she's quite beautiful when she does (she's part greyhound and unbelievably fast)

Foster, on the other hand, is delightful except for the obnoxious barking thing. She'll get to going in the back yard and there's no shutting her up short of bringing her in. She's that dog, the one that just decides to start hollering and it feels so good she can't stop. But she has none of the trauma baggage Sheba has, is generally good natured and Foster loves her some laser pointer.

Max used to chase the red dot a bit, before he got so old he couldn't see it. Foster and Zippy both love the laser now that I got fresh A23 batteries and they can really see the dot. They won't chase it together because Zippy wants to murder Foster for being a dog, but they'll chase it until they drop from exhaustion. The first time I played this game with Foster, she about had a heart attack from the excitement, it was pretty cute.

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