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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Kaw Point

I probably wouldn't have gone here today, but Corinna wanted to run the dogs and take her car to the shop so I ended up at Kaw Point.

Once there, I had my tripod out and the next thing you know I was the reason we were still there.

Foster found a discarded fish on the banks and paraded it around but I found myself shooting the skyline. The biggest problem was dogs and my wife running into the frame when I was set up for a long exposure.

Well, I mostly shot the skyline. That rule about how a photographer should always look behind—it's true, there's often an interesting shot to be had that way. The observation deck was quite beautiful shining through the trees. Actually, after I set this up and shot a couple of frames, I realized that an interesting shot could be made from back in the woods showing the trees against downtown—but I think to get the effect I'm looking for I'd need to bring some light along to shine on the trees, give them some dimension other than being a straight silhouette. That, or shoot it in twilight, which had already passed when I thought of it on this trip.

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