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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fresh Tag

Been getting back into the bike commuting, missed way too much of it after the heart surgery, vasectomy, and various other things. Took a half day for Martin Luther King Day on Monday to finish up a project at home and rode my bike through the city at a leisurely pace. I needed leisurely because after doing around 100 miles last week, I felt half crippled with between sore muscles, saddle-soreness and fatigue. This time last year, a century would be a light week for me, and I know it will be again soon, but not yet.

Anywyay, there is fresh paint since last I rode, this time on one of PBI Gordon's buildings in the West Bottoms. Since it's private property, the chances are it will get the old white-out treatment sooner rather than later. I wondered at first how the hooligans who tagged it got up on this roof over a loading dock, but then I saw the spikes on the telephone pole right by it. Even I could have climbed it, and I'm no marvel of upper body strength, balance or agility.

Only semi-related, but I saw some conversation on Facebook the other day about resistance to putting bike trails on the levies around the Kansas River near here, and the usual bogeymen are cited, thieves and vandals. But the levy walls over where the levies are technically off limits to the public (posted no-trespassing in fact), they're lousy with tags. Some of those tags, they're too big to fit on box cars, true story. Over to the east of the River Market, where the Berkley Riverfront Trail runs, though, a trail that tops the Army Corps berm keeping the river in line, most of that area you never see tags.

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