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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Christmas at Mom's

I have a bunch of Christmas photos to sort through still. These are just ones from my Mom's house, the Sunday before Christmas. Fried chicken dinner and presents.

We also had the girls Christmas Eve at my house, except we took them to our friend Bev's house for a joint celebration.

Then on Christmas Day, we visited a couple of friends' houses.

Boxing Day there was the pizza party at the home of some of my oldest and dearest friends.

Then Saturday after Christmas was the gathering around the Festivus pole at my Dad's house.

Which is part of why I'm still sorting through pictures. Holy cow. Is this what Jews experience every year for Hanukkah? A week long orgy of food, family and friends? If so, what's not to love about being Jewish?

Corinna was really proud of the wrap job she did on my nephew's present. It was a Dalmatian costume, as in 101 of them, and it was wrapped to look like a dog's head, with the handle of the bag serving as the nose, two gnawed dog bones for eyes, and a leash that formed a tongue hanging out.

He tried it on while I was in the bathroom, and the way it goes with three-year-olds, he had wriggled out of it and moved on to the next thing by the time I emerged to grab my camera.

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