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Monday, July 09, 2012

Heat Stroke

The forecast for Saturday said it would reach 105ºF (not the 'heat index' but the actual temperature). I don't think it got there.

But it was hotter than hell anyway. So naturally we accepted the invite to an alley cat race. Start at YJ's, 17th & Wyandotte at 4:30, race to be confined to the Crossroads, Westside and West Bottoms. No whining.

We figured we know the neighborhoods in question as well as anyone, and with a short alleycat, routing is everything.

Plus, it'd be fun. And it was.

The checkpoint (I thought Jevin said 'first' checkpoint, but it was the only one) was the bridge Corinna and I got married on.

Of course, I saw the All Star Game stuff going on downtown and stopped to take a picture or two, not smart strategy for racing.

The end point was a park up by the FBI building.

I went up to 12th and bombed the bridge to the bottoms, taking James around to the bridge. Then I saw where we were supposed to finish and I had to tip my hat to Jevin for his sadism. As promised, the most direct route would involve lots of hot climbing: going back up that 12th Street bridge.

Alternately, I reasoned I could go up Beardsley to 17th, up to Summit, but the altitude, in terms of total ascent, would be the same. And the shallow route would be less direct.

Thanks to Big Dave taking a wrong turn and two other guys who flatted out without a spare and walked their bikes in, I didn't finish DFL, or 'dead fucking last.' There were beers and white likker for all at the top of the hill, and a good time was had by all.

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