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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

But Is It Art?

I didn't really try to shoot pics at the high school's production of Jekyll & Hyde, partly because I didn't have a kid on stage (though I did design the programs, a fun project). Partly, too, because my camera fighting low light, distance and action, it doesn't really pay to try.

Near the end, when they were doing the curtain call, I made a couple of attempts and here's the hero shot of that ill-fated snapping:

Nobody is moving, so you can at least tell sort of what it's a picture of except the orchestra pit appears to be leaping with the flames of Hell (appropriate, since that's where Mr. Hyde got dragged to his doom).

They had a silent auction in the lobby of the school featuring some pretty cool student art. I kinda wanted to bid on the Gene Simmons mask.

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