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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The first thing I noticed about Corinna when I met her was the helmet mohawk. Thing is, I've wanted one forever, came close to stopping in a motorcycle shop and buying one of those Spartan brooms a few times.

But Corinna's is even cooler because it's made of tulle, so it's all the more fanciful and a tenth the price.

Then I noticed her spoke cards. I wished I'd thought of that, being I've run out of room for stickers on my frame.

So anyway, once I learned about spoke cards I had to make some for me and Corinna and for her upcomiong tour back from Memphis after Thanksgiving.

The term Bespoke, by the way, is usually a term for tailor-made clothing, especially for Brits, but it refers to the custom and made to fit, and what are my stickers or Corinna's mohawk or these spoke cards if not bespoke?

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