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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blustery Ride

Nothing like a 30+ mile per hour headwind to let you know what you're made of. I haven't seen headwinds this brutal since Day 2 of my first Bike MS. I had to crank to go downhill.

I did tackle on of goal hills, one of the last on the list. Early in the season, I made a list of hills I would take by year's end, and now that I've taken the south face of Lackman from Blackfish to 68th (by Maranatha), I think climbing Puckett is the only one left if you don't count a second run at Mill Street. I climbed it, but not at one go, I'd like to make it my bitch without stopping to catch my breath and weep for the choices I've made.

The headwinds going south were brutal. The tailwinds going north seemed to be magically blocked by topography most of the time. It was 24 miles that felt like 40, but without need for waterproof or cold weather gear, so no complaints.

And I got several compliments on my 'hat.'

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