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Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Long Shot

I really enjoy night photography, setting up the tripod and taking long exposures. There are some tricks in this area where film still has it all over digital, and of course I don't shoot film.

I was on a recreational ride, just unwinding on a Saturday evening and it was so clear downtown I knew why I'd brought my tripod.

On the way home I saw other opportunities, I just didn't feel like I had time for. The Quaff was looking very photogenic with its two stories of neon signs. Then The Ship, in the West Bottoms, its sign (or interior) would be worth planting the tripod. I did happen to think, The Ship might be a place I could find Laphroig at.

When I first got into single malts, I bought a bottle of Laphroig and it's the only bottle of booze in my whole life I think I ever bought and then couldn't drink. I poured it down my friends' throats until that fifth was gone and hadn't given it much thought since. But it keeps showing up in my Facebook feed, in advertisements and I wondered if I'd still find it horrible. I like Scotch and Irish whiskey in general, that peaty thing, I even brew a peat smoked wee heavy from time to time. But trying it again, I didn't want to buy the bottle. And the dives I watch sports in don't carry anything so high fallutin' has Laphroig.

Sure enough The Ship had it. And it's basically as I remember it: a burning car tire being extinguished in a swamp. I actually found by the time I finished the round it was growing on me a bit, so maybe it's an acquired taste. I noticed some numbness on my tongue as I pedalled hime, I'm sure as the result of some polyphenolic type thing in the whiskey, so maybe it just becomes more palatable as it disables the palate, I don't know.

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