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Monday, January 18, 2016

Happy Birthday, Em

One of my favorite pictures to take of my daughters is them blowing out the candles on their birthday cakes. Or waiting to while the family sings Happy Birthday to them. I've gotten the shot pretty well a few times, sometimes stuff goes wrong with the camera, timing-wise or whatever. Before I had an SLR, the problem was shutter lag, after it was remembering to take the UV filter off the lens so it won't catch reflections of the candle flames. But yeah, some of my favorite photos of my kiddos are of them behind a cake I made from scratch ablaze with the appropriate number of candles.

Em turned twenty the other day, and the whole cake party thing didn't materialize, so I had to settle for trying to shoot her and her boyfriend in Jack's Stack after we had a bonanza of barbecue for her birthday dinner. I don't get the shot with Mo anymore, either, the past couple years she freaks out and hides when we light the candles (autism is fun that way). I'll probably still get to bake a cake from scratch for Mo's nineteenth next month but I don't imagine I'll get the shot across the lit up cake.

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