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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Secret Monastery

Corinna was leading me to a pear tree that turned out to be picked already, when I spotted this compound. Like a little log-cabin-style motel or something, pretty new, not much signage to explain it except for an icon. So I asked the woman working a flower bed with a couple of kids, is this a convent?

It's a monastery, Little Sisters of the Lamb. Apparently their order calls it a monastery whether it's nuns or monks. Apparently their monks are fundraising to build a similar deal a couple of blocks away. She offered to show us their chapel, and once we were in there, they said they'd start with a prayer. Fair enough, but I was caught off guard when the sisters started off by singing, beautifully in harmony. I gather their devotions must include quite a bit of singing, though they did top it off with a spoken prayer. The whole setup was interesting, and they were really welcoming. I think me and Corinna have ridden by the place a couple of times without even noticing it.

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