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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Prospero's P3 Event

Corinna had an event at Prosperos to train other poets to do Poetry for Personal Power events. It's part of the grant she got most recently, it's also part of her plan to find other people to carry on the work she's less able to do these days.

There's real peaks and valleys when it comes to her brain injury stuff. I sometimes find myself anxious as I approach home because I don't know which version I'm going to find when I get there. The one who has been suffering all day, experiencing multiple setbacks, or the one who's gotten tons of stuff done and is in a great mood. Or the one who has been suffering all day and shampooed the carpet anyway, even though it took her eight sessions to get the whole job done because she kept having to lay down in the dark.

In fact, the original date for this was two weeks before, but she couldn't do it. She was going gangbusters for this, though. I don't know how much of that was her having a good day and how much of it was the adrenaline of getting the thing going, something she's passionate about.

I had fun taking pictures, though I couldn't use my speed lights because she's too light sensitive. I tried telling her to close her eyes when I was about to shoot, she says even through her eyelids it's too much so I left those in the bag at Prospero's. I did do a little shopping, I need to replace my copy of God Bless You Mr. Rosewater, it fell apart and I lost 60 pages (discovered that fact while trying to re-read it again, I love that book), but they were pretty picked over on Vonnegut. Scored a couple of Roger Zelazny novels I either haven't read or haven't read in twenty years, a P.J. O'Rourke collection I haven't read, a couple other things that looked interesting.

The library is great and all if you're looking for current best sellers, especially if you're unlikely to re-read them. And I know Amazon is easy, and you can get literally everything there, but I still love walking into a musty, brick and mortar book store and looking around.

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