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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Trashboat Regatta Banner

The sixth annual Kansas City Trashboat Regatta is coming up in a few weeks, July 12. I'm stoked. Our boat is about ready, Gallmeyer is towing again this year, and I suspect the event is getting bigger. I'd made some cards to hand out for the organizers, a gift suggested by Corinna that was very well received. They inquired about a banner, and I delivered it today.

I stripped off the specifics, even the 'Kansas City' so it could be reused as many times as possible (theoretically even to promote the regatta in other cities). It's a national movement, after all.

For the uninitiated, the Trashboat Regatta basically involves making homemade boats out of buoyant garbage, found items, junk and scraps, and floating it down the river a ways. Not far, just Kaw Point to 'Glow in the Dark Park.' No motors, no spending over a hundred bucks on your boat, wear a life jacket, don't get all boozed up beforehand, I think that's about the extent of the rules. Ideally, the boats should be towed to and from the river by human power, but some really creative people started showing up with boats that had to be hauled to and from the river by pickup truck and nobody seemed to mind. The Admiralty of the Theoretical Honorary Kansas City Inland Imaginary Navy is the prize if you make it down the river fastest.

As the banner says, what could go wrong?

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