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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Neighborhood Garage Sale

So we saddled up to do the neighborhood garage sale. I hitched the trailer to my bike, Corinna and Mo got on the tandem. Mo has ridden the tandem once or twice before, but only that. Me, I'm new to pulling a trailer, the main difference I notice is having to be aware of my width.

I'm pretty paranoid about it, actually, I picture hooking the trailer wheel on a parked car or something and just going over the handlebars. Anyway, the first sale we stopped at, they had another trailer for sale and I tried unsuccessfully to lobby against its purchase. We already have a kiddie trailer, we need a cargo trailer. Corinna assured me she'd find a home for it, and I was like, that's these people's job, it's their trailer. Someone who needs it can buy it from them, we don't need to be involved. Next thing you know, I'm pulling two trailers.

At one sale, I said, 'If only I could find a combination toenail clipper/cigarette lighter in the shape of a Buddha,' and then looked and saw a Buddha desk fountain. The cats like to drink from a fountain, and when it runs dry because I don't notice it making that one noise, Corinna ends up ordering new pumps from Amazon for like ten bucks. So a five dollar fountain is worth it just for the pump. By the end of the day I had two of them. I also picked up a couple of fans, you can't have too many cool spots to sit in when you don't have the air on, and there was the big Rubbermaid water cooler I knew a friend was looking for, and since it was only five bucks, into the train it went.

By the time we got home, there was a delayed reaction when I braked: the bike stopped, the trailer hitched to it pretty much stops with that because it's a hard attachment, but then the second trailer would catch up and right when I'd be letting off the brakes, I'd get a shove forward.

Mo was having fun riding stoker, I think, though mainly she was having fun hitting lots of garage sales and getting guys to mutilate and dismember. I don't know what she gets out of this, but those little stuffed animals, Barbies, Bratz and whatnot, it's a good thing they only cost a quarter because she scalps them, strips time, and throws them in the trash as if that's what they were for. We've tried, unsuccessfully to battle this senseless destruction, but it's like arguing with the weather.

We stocked up but rationed her when we got home, the bounty of multiple garage sales shouldn't go in the trash on day one.

By the time we were done scavenging the neighborhood, I think it's safe to say we found everything we didn't need.

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