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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

True Story

When I made mine, I made hers, too. I just didn't get it installed until tonight. Our friend Meetzorp made the original, but she decided she had more important projects to sew. In fact, judging from her blog, I'd say she would prefer to sew almost anything over another helmet mohawk. I guess it's kind of like when I got into heirloom tomatoes, Todd & Julie gave me some amazing tomatoes a few years ago, but declined my offer to make them tomato-growing slaves. I had to learn to grow my own.

That day when I met Corinna, I'd been wanting a helmet mohawk for my bicycle helmet forever, and it never occurred to me to make one out of what amounts to half a tutu—which elevates it to a whole new level of fun.

I saw Corinna coming up Main with that thing on her head and I said, "I want one of those. And I'll take one of those pink helmet mohawks, too."

People say God works in mysterious ways, but do they even know the half of it?

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