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Friday, March 22, 2013

NCAA Bracket (Fight Fiercely Harvard!)

Last time I filled out an NCAA bracket, I was still married to the artist formerly known as Frau Lobster. I didn't do well in it, being that I don't know much about college basketball.

Well, and even if you do know a bit about college basketball, no matter how talented the athletes and how great the coaches, you're talking about contests between a bunch of kids. A few may have professional basketball in their future, but they're all still kids—panicky, unpredictable, immature. On any given day, anything can happen.

The thing I fixed on, right off, was KU and K-State were both in the big dance, but they were coming out of opposite corners. They could, theoretically (and while I don't know much about college hoops, I know how unlikely this is) play for the championship.

At which point I thought, wouldn't it be hilarious if K-State beat KU for the title? There aren't enough tall buildings in Lawrence to accomodate all the people who would want to jump to their deaths.

In that spirit, I picked Harvard to beat New Mexico in the first round. I didn't even know they fielded a team. When I was bragging about having called it, someone told me I shouldn't brag about picking Harvard even if I did get it right. This, first of all, is from a Kansas-hating Mizzou fan who was choking on sour grapes that his team was one-and-done. Also a person who said he didn't put much effort into his brackets but he did one that was exactly Obama's and one that was an expert's mixed with Obama, but where they disagreed, taking Obama's outcome or something like that. I haven't even done the work of understanding what that translates to, because it sounds like it might be two identical brackets.

Anyway, he was trying to shame me for picking Harvard, but it's only shameful if you assume there is actual value in knowing a lot about college basketball teams, their seasons, play, and which one of these screwy kids is going to have a bad day or his best day with nothing to account for it.

I'd say, 'And do fight fiercely' but my bracket has Harvard losing to Arizona in the next round. But my bracket kinda got screwed up generally when K-State lost today.

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