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Monday, October 08, 2012

Old Ways

I'm not a coffee drinker, but I'm a fan of the Roasterie because I recognize a kindred spirit there.  Like the coffee roaster's near neighbor Boulevard Brewing, he's bringing quality back to a beverage that had been given over to pure commodity treatment. Why do I hassle with disease-prone, indeterminate (meaning they outgrow normal cages), heirloom tomatoes? Or spend whole days brewing a batch of beer using ingredients and methods that had been all but forgotten by the mid-20th Century? Because old ways are often the best ways.

As with the craft beer industry, it's apparent that people were eager for some flavor, and the Roasterie has done well enough that they toyed with taking over the Folger's plant that's to be shuttered in downtown K.C.

Alas, it was too different an operation. Probably much like if Boulevard were to ponder buying Annheiser Bush brewery in St. Louis.

I guess the Roasterie has arrived, though. Like when Boulevard opened its 'big-ass brewhouse' and turned the original brewery over to creating esoteric beers for the Smokestack series. The icon of their brand, they installed this DC3 on their roof, taking off over Southwest Boulevard (and a roundhouse I didn't know was there).

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