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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Divorce Maker

We picked up this tandem bike off Craigslist.

About a fourth the price of even an entry level new one, and it was pristine. Hanging, bat-like, in a garage for years since it had been received as a gift. No brand on it, the seller told me it had been a kit that his Dad helped him assemble.

Corinna and I took our first, very short ride on it. Perhaps a half mile. Terrifying for both of us.

Me, I kept feeling her weight shift and that gave me that tippy feeling I can't stand. She was riding stoker, so she had to trust me to steer, shift and brake. And she can panic just riding side by side with me on regular bikes for some reason, so every hundred feet or so was another psychological trust fall.

I was in Midwest today (dealing with the replacement for the frame I destroyed when I didn't steer, shift and brake the way Corinna thought I should have) and I told Zeke I thought every marriage counselor should have a tandem bike in his office and make couples ride it around the parking lot as an exercise in trusting each other.

He said, "That's why they call them divorce makers."

I suspect it's a mistake to blame either marriage counselors or tandem bikes for the ensuing divorce. Rather than 'making' the split, I suspect both just help diagnose it.

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