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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mullberry Run

When I was growing up, my parents didn't allow us to eat berries off trees we found. The prohibition stemmed from the notion that some berries are poisonous and you just never know.
I'm pretty sure most of what you'd have trouble from would taste bad enough to discourage binge eating. Alkaloids mostly, which should translate to bitter.
I'd like to learn a bit of wild mushroom hunting, but I think that can actually get dangerous.
But anyway, Corinna is big into the wild berry picking, grew up doing it. And while our yard has lots of blackberries, some raspberries and will soon also have grapes and blueberries, to get a great snack and some purple fingers, find a mulberry tree and have at the blackish ones.
We took Mo along in the trailer, which gave Corinna a fist rate workout and got Mo away from her computer. She dug it, and when we put her on picking all the black ones, she went into Task Completion Mode and had at it.

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