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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Bridge Prep

We spent some time, trash bags and Krylon getting the site ready for our wedding. I knew there were some gang tags to cover up, though not the more artistic graffiti, but I thought the area was relatively clean otherwise.
Ten bags of garbage later, I was disabused of that notion. It rained that day, which gave us an idea what we would be up against if it rained on 5/12, but generally things went fine.
There are quite a few rent liberated folks in the vicinity, at least one I'd consider a friend. He had a great time with the whole party, and posing for pictures. Our party favors are going to be what you'd call 'found art.' They include inscribed rocks and railroad detritus from the nearby tracks.
I went on a beer run and noticed something I hadn't the past hundred times I went by Jerry's Woodsweather Cafe.
The Blues Brothers side, there are four 'fried' chickens and a Coke. Fried on Old Sparky.
As far as cleaning up tags, we covered a lot up on the black railing uprights on the bridge. They weren't artistic, they were just gang sign bullshit. I appreciate tag art, and I figured I was an editor: if I left your tag alone, it's art. If I covered it over with black Krylon, you need to think harder about what you're tagging up.

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