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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

3rd Annual 73rd Running of the Pines

I can't believe how much I look forward to this event. Which was rescheduled. And restricted because last year it was asses & elbows. We need to find a bigger venue because there are so many clowns that want to get in the clown car.

What clown car? BSA, vintage and open class Pinewood Derby. Just like when I was in Cub Scouts except I don't get bullied and there's pizza and beer. And your car can have a Boogie Nights theme, or be Milk & Cheese ("shit your pants and run!"). And while we learned the hard way that the open category can't include C02 propulsion, the pretty much anything goes category just unleashes creativity.

Witness the 3D printed car with two tungsten disks embedded in it and bearings in the wheels that weighed almost a pound. Or the buffalo car that smoked it at half the weight.

Also, Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts does Pinewood Derby, I don't think the girls get to play. But at the 73rd Running of the Pines, girls were ruling: two of the three categories were won by female entrants.

If I can figure out a way to work it with Velo+, I think the next logical step is to add a model rocketry event. My KCAR friends can help, and it could cross-pollenate the scenes, my bike nerd friends getting to know my rocket nerd friends, that kinda thing. Can't launch rockets in the bike shop of course, but there's nothing that says you can't ride to a launch site. And have beer and pizza.

And since the penis thing has been broached by Dylan's car, I might need to shop for a marital aid that can be fixed up with wheels. And I have those four big wooden disks just waiting to be made into wheels on a Pinewood Monster Truck. Oh, and then there's the weed themed vehicle possibilities: why not put wheels on a bong?

As it is, we've had beer, coffee and like I say, penis themed cars. And my fairly offensive Milk & Cheese cards.

Oh, or maybe a Thug Life hip-hop car? The possibilities are endless.

And the whole thing helps heal the psychic scars my Cub Scouts experience inflicted on me.

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