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Sunday, September 04, 2016

In the Garden

So I was playing with my 105mm macro lens. With the crop factor, on my D700 it functions like a bit over a 150mm focal length.

The one problem I have with this lens is it sometimes gets stuck at a narrower aperture than I want. It's supposed to be an f2.8, but sometimes it'll stick at f3 or f3.2 and refuse to open all the way up. It's an old lens and I picked it up at a pretty good price, but it's still annoying to have something not quite working as it's supposed to.

Of course, you get some pretty extreme depth of field with the distance you end up shooting at with a telephoto like this. The bokeh in this shots, even ones that were shot at f3 or higher, is more extreme than what I get with my 35mm shooting at f1.8. It's good fire isolating your subject but sometimes it gets to where only part of your subject is in focus and that can be a problem.

I think, by the way, in our third year of having figs, we're finally going to get a crop that's ripe before the frost. Until a few years ago I didn't know there was such a thing as a hardy fig, and there's a few varieties, but apparently they take some time to get established enough to really produce here in the midwest.

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