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Monday, February 22, 2016

City Market Run

My wife said to kiss her where it smells funny. So I took her to Woodsweather & Ohio in the West Bottoms. Ba-doom-bah! Yeah!

If you didn't know, Endres Food Processors has a very fragrant recycling center there, right next to some turd ponds run by the Kansas City Water Department.


Anyway, I went by bike to the pharmacy and then to City Market for produce and Chinatown Market for some other groceries. A pretty normal thing for me on a Sunday afternoon, nothing remarkable, except Corinna rode the whole thing with me. She was just going to ride me out, but she's been laying off the vision therapy and I guess that's paying dividends because she rode almost twelve miles when her limit has seemed to be more like two.

It was fun. And I noticed something, you always do when you go by bike it seems. I never noticed it before, but the lettering on the Asian market, it's been the same letters for at least five years that I've shopped there, but I'd never noticed the pigeons.

They live there. They apparently find these three dimensional letters to be the perfect size for a nest. Which can't thrill the owners of a store, have a dozen or more pigeons living full time over where people access your store. But as obnoxious as pigeons are, apparently they're pretty harmless in this location because, like I say, I've been shopping here for half a decade and never realized they were there.

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