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Monday, September 21, 2015

Bee Check

The girls have built out about half the top-bar hive in my back yard. My friend Patrick who gifted me with a shortcut to pollination (we went half on the package of bees, he provided the hive and much more up to date expertise, I haven't jacked with this stuff since around the time Bill Clinton was President).

He brought a partner in crime over today to check on the girls. Ants were in the hive, which I think sounds like a problem but he didn't think it was a big deal. Better than hive beetles. Or foulbrood (European or American, take your pick they're bad news). See also mite, varoa or tracheal. Part of why I got out of beekeeping 15 years ago was the veterinary aspect was an ordeal.

Honestly it was nervy for me taking these pictures. And Patrick was working with bare hands because gloves are clumsy. He's also allergic to bee stings, which means he's willing to take chances I wouldn't take. I get stung by a bee, it sucks—but not epi-pen go into shock sucks.

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