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Monday, June 08, 2015

Bring Your Daughter to Work Day (sorta)

So a few years ago, I took Em to work on the official 'Bring Your Daughter to Work Day.'

It was fun. She bonded with my boss's daughter, learned to burn plates, I made her business cards and whatnot. But I never got around to bringing Mo.

In fairness, Mo is a hard kid to take some places. She makes alarming noises for no apparent reason, sometimes has seizures, doesn't do much verbal communication. She has autism, has it in a pretty big way, requires quite a bit of supervision generally.

But my choice today was either take her to work or drive over 200 miles, like a yo-yo going to Gardner and back, Gardner and back, Gardner and back. Fuck that, I took the kid to work.

She seemed excited about going there, but I think the reality disappointed her. She did a puzzle for a while, shunned her tablet (even though I keep trying to show her she can YouTub away on that thing), wanted to paint. I set her up with a 25x38 parent sheet of Carolina 12pt C1S and she spent the next five hours filling it with tempura.

She had a cheese tortilla breakfast and a friend chicken lunch. The rest kinda took care of itself though I think by the time we left for her doctor's appointment she had decided Dadddy's work was bullshit.

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