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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Commencement Pics

Daddy's little girl walked across the stage today to get her diploma. Daddy has tried to figure out how to best help her next, but really, more and more, the best help I can offer is moral support. She's got to figure out her next move on her own, and the move after that, and the move after that, and what to do when some of those moves, inevitably, turn out to be terrible moves.

We made a day of it, the ceremony was in the morning, then I took my Mom and wife to Baldwin to stalk my first home, eat a good diner lunch at the Depot Diner (really excellent, if you're passing through Baldwin, you should eat there), then to the open house hosted by Em's mother, the artist formerly known as Frau Lobster.

It was good to see everyone, including former in laws whatever you call them. I know people who've had acrimonious divorces where such a soirée would be unthinkable, but my parents set a good example in that area (holiday get-togethers and whatnot, it's not at all unusual for my Mom, Dad and Step-Mom to not only attend but to carpool), and I'm glad to be able to follow that example. I fret about what mistakes my daughters will make as they go out into the world, for sure, but maybe that's because I know how many times I've managed to fulfill every possible definitions of 'idiot' and 'jerk.' For every line item I could use to justify some sort of wrath against my ex, I guarantee the list she could compile would match it, maybe exceed it.

I had fun with my camera at the after party, of course. The little kids were especially fun, my nephew really hit it off with what I guess would be described as my ex-niece and ex-nephew, except that's not quite right. My ex-wife's brother remarried and had these kids after my own divorce, so I guess I haven't technically been related to them in their lifetimes, but whatever. Austin liked them so much he started to leave with them when their family left.

The food at the party included clever mortarboards made out of peanut butter cups and chocolate bars, that was pretty darn cute.

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