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Saturday, December 07, 2013

Blow to the Head / Nerman Museum

I hadn't been on campus at Johnson County Community College for a long, long time.

Corinna had an event to attend there, and with her concussion injuries she needed chauffeured in this instance. Five months after she found a wheel-eating pothole at speed on her mountain bike, she still spends a lot of time with her head on ice. Still can't spend much time looking at a screen. Still has trouble even riding in a car, let alone driving it most of the time.

Not to mention, she has trouble riding more than about three miles. Take heed, folks, concussions are no laughing matter. In fact, Corinna just got a new helmet with the MIPS technology that is supposed to give better concussion protection than the old-school helmets we've been riding in and I'm about to upgrade myself (can't figure out if the Scott Lin will fit me in a large — I'm right on the cusp of their size guide, or if I need to go with the POC Trabec Race MIPS — which comes in an XL but costs $100 more).

Well, if I was as laid up and screen restricted as Corinna has been lately, I'd be out a job. So if the POC is the only MIPS helmet I can find that fits, it's a bargain at twice the price. Sure, I could still get concussed, but why not give yourself the best chance of coming out healthy?

Anyway, this whole narrative is at odds, I suppose, with the photos. When I was last through the Nerman Gallery at JCCC, it was much smaller. As I recall, it was just a big room in one floor of the building where the performing arts spaces were. Today, I'm not sure but it might be a bit bigger than the Kemper Museum, and with a collection of a similar caliber.

When I needed to go (get Mo back to her mother), Corinna wanted to stay and network, and since she had found someone she knew there who could give her a ride, I skedaddled. Later that night, I got a text message from Corinna asking me to come pick her up from KU Med. The car she was riding in got rear-ended hard enough to knock it into two more cars. After months of being vulnerable to re-injury from things like stumbling on a curb, isn't a four car pile-up just what the doctor ordered?

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