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Sunday, September 16, 2012


Em has been very, uh, teenaged lately.  I've added a lot of gray to my personal inventory of hair in the past few months, and I think I know why.

But then there is the payoff.  Like today, when I was overwhelmed with freelance work, family responsibilities, and so on, and she decided she needed to express her inner darkness.

She had a real problem not smiling for these pictures.  It wouldn't be in character, of course, but she was having so much fun it was hard not to.

She should have put this makeup on the night before, when I dragged her to the Monsters of Mock concert featuring tribute bands to Poison, Mötley Crüe, AC/DC and KISS. She sat through Poison Overdose with her sister and then I did some calculations and realized the whole deal would last past midnight. I had no desire to see the Mötley Crüe tribute, but really wanted to see Almost KISS and to an extent KC/DC.

Ultimately I made an executive decision, left to drive the honyocks home and returned with Corinna to catch Almost KISS. I had more comp tickets than I needed, so I didn't have to worry about the gate, and I was able to convince the parking attendants that I shouldn't have to pay twice to park.

It was really good, Almost KISS. Very much as I imagine seeing KISS would have been around the time they recorded Alive. Not so much pyro as you'd get today, that's expensive, but the costumes, the choreography, the circus of it was all very much there.

We decided we didn't have the energy to stay through the set change for KC/DC, who turned out to be the closing act. I love AC/DC, but I wouldn't want to follow Almost KISS, not in terms of a stage show.

Then, after Em got into makeup for last night's hair metal show (a day late), Corinna got a call from Darby Trotter about helping to paint a caboose on the Riverfront Heritage Trail and she took Em along in the InStep trailer.  So here we have my girl Wednesday looking as sullen as she could manage while riding in a trailer meant for someone 14 years her junior.

Princess of the Darkness in an InStep carriage.

Sheba was going to go with, to get her some running, but she got off leash by slipping her collar it was decided she should stay home.  But there was no way Em could stay in character at that point.

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