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Monday, July 26, 2010

Actively Recovering

Am I sore after yesterday's 72.5 miles? I dunno. Does Sarah Palin have a knack for pissing off hopey changey liberals? Is Mississippi populated mostly by hateful, narrow-minded rednecks? Does Rent-A-Center charge usurious interest rates? Does BP know how to fuck up an oyster bed?

I wasn't, however, as sore as I was after the 33.4 miles I did on July 15, less than half the distance but taking some of western Shawnee's bitch-assed-est hills.

I did a four mile warm-up session not so much to warm up as to take inventory. My knees and my thighs right above the knee, I expected those to be worse today than they were. My low back made up for it until I lay down in my cubicle and once again played the dicey game of Autochiropractor. On the one hand, once that spot popped, I felt a million times better. On the other, the last time I did that I sprained some ribs and thought I was having another heart attack.

My right hamstring was tender on the bike. Not walking around, standing and sitting, but pedaling, it sang a song to me, a song that went 'Be gentle with me, or else.'

So I was gentle. There was a new rider in the group, someone who's longest ride so far had been less than four miles. She passed me a couple of times, that's how easy I was taking it.

As I understand the theory of active recovery: you can't just hammer it every day, that's counterproductive. Training is stress and recovery, yin and yang, can't have one without the other. The theory is, a light workout where you don't push anything hard is better than a rest day because you boost the circulation to the area and whatnot.

And I have to say, I feel better after the ride than I did before it. I guess the real test is how I feel tomorrow, and whether that feeling includes feeling like getting back in the saddle.

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